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Imagine a moment, where no sound existed in yourlife. You would never hear what your name sounds like. Voice would hit an invisible wall that will absorb them and behind complete silence. Join us help those who have been denied the possiblitiy to hear the sounds of the world surrounding them. Together lets make a miracle happen for little David and Jana! This project aims at helping both of them by collecting the necessary amount of money needed for special implants (cochlear impants) which will help David and Jana experience all the senses to the most!

What is a cochlear implant and how much does it cost?

The cochlear implant system is a device that circumvents that part of the ear that is not working properly, it sends signals directly to the auditory nerve . It consists of an implant and an audio processor. The implant electrode works as the cochlea for the deaf where it stimulates the nerves of the inner ear and replaces its function. An audio processor is then placed on the outside behind the ear.

In the Czech Republic implants for the deaf are completely covered by health insurance. Users of the audio implant are entitled once every 10 years to change the outer part for a newer model. Maximum reimbursement when replacing the processor is 173,649 CZK , the rest amounting to 57,883 CZK has to be paid by the patient.


David was born in Ghana in July 2015. He got his Czech name Davidek from his Czech godfather David Duron who became friends with his parents during his trips to Ghana. At the end of 2015 during one of his many visits, David‘s godfather came to Ghana to help children in need with medicine and glasses to improve their sight. During this visit little David’s mother has started to suspect that he was not responding to sound so his godfather organised a visit to the general hospital in Accra, the capital of Ghana for examination. The worst was confirmed and little David was deaf in bothears. Unfortunately, hospitals in Ghana are not prepared for these kinds of disabilities and the cochlear implant surgery needed for Davidek is not performed in Ghana. Hearing aids are very difficult to come by and there are no schools for children with hearing disabilities. Being deaf means you automatically live your entire life in social isolation. David’s godfather contacted the endowmentfund Gift of Hearing and together we can make a miracle happen for Davidek - give him the gift of hearing. To make this a reality we need to put together 730 000 CZK.


Jana lost her hearing partially due to an infection of the ear when she 5 years old. She was able to hear a little with a hearing aid on her right ear but totally lost her ability to hear with her left ear. Later, a day before the birth of her daughter, She lost the rest of her hearing. Changing her life forever, she will never be able to hear again. She will never hear her daughter cry, laugh or call her mummy. She was desperate and left feeling hopeless but her daughter was her motivation not to give up. After 6 years of being deaf she received a miracle. Jana was operate dupon and given a cochlearimplant. Thanks to this implant she was able to hear again. When she heard the words „hello mummy“ for the first time and heard her daughter‘s voices she broke in to tears of joy. She considers the fact that she can hear again as a huge miracle but Jana is now in danger of loosing her hearing again. Her implant is over 15 years old and is in urgent need of replacement for a new one. Adults and children are entitled to change their audio processor once every 10 years but insurances companies cover a maximum of 173 000 CZK the remaining 58 000 CZK has to be paid by Jana who can not afford it. Help her keep her ability to hear which she values so much.

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